Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BYTT- Week 6

Light at the end of the tunnel....................

Oh goodness. Only 3 weeks left. Yippie!

Everyone keeps telling us to enjoy every minute, that we will miss this when we leave, blah, blah, blah...
I am anxious to be done with this madness, to move on with my life, to have some time alone.

This week ended much better than week 5. We had a really good teacher from NYC, Tricia Donegan, who also sat in one of my posture clinics. She was just too cool. And Friday we had the double pleasure of Sharon from Headquarters, who most of us had communicated when signing up for this madness, and her fiancee, Balwan, a beautiful soul, a man who goes around with a permanent smile, a soft giggle, and encouraging words for absolutely everyone. Sharon's class was quick, no nonsense, and easy going. And Balwan's! Balwan's was the highlight of this training so far! On Friday night, we were all just so burned out and tired, ready for the weekend. But when people saw him put on the mic, and realized that he was teaching, the cheers and claps, whistles, and screams that erupted and spread through the room were invigorating and energizing. He got the loudest and longest reception I have ever heard for anyone with a mic. It was kind of like a rock star was taking the stage, but with so much love. We love him, and that showed. His good cheer touches even the most bitter of us, and is magnetic. His class was funny, sweet, and energizing. He threw out nuggets, and jokes. And even his mistakes were humble and oh so cute. We were all energized and in harmony, moving as one. I loved this class.

The yoga is crazy.

I am so stiff and sore. My muscles are screaming at me all the time. Most of my classes are just a struggle to get through. But then one day, out of nowhere, I will do a pose and my body will just go into it, and then keep going! The posture will just turn into the best posture of my life, and I will be so surprised. And then the next day, I can't do it like that again, but the knowledge that I did once, and that I might again, is addictive and keeps me eagerly coming back to the mat. I can't wait to see what my practice looks like after I get back to a regular schedule. They say our bodies will open up AFTER we leave Training. So exciting.

Posture Clinics are ok. I still hate getting up there, but I no longer freeze like I used to. I can tell that once I figure out how to channel the nervous energy into the teaching, it will be easy breezy. But I haven't figured that out yet. :) I still wonder how the heck I am supposed to string this all together into a 90min class, but it terrifies me, so let's stop thinking about it, shall we?

One of my teachers from my island, F, came to visit Friday and Saturday. He is so passionate about the yoga. It is a delight to be considered a peer by this wise and distinguished gentleman. Our old studio owner from the island, who now lives here in LA, came and took class with us Saturday morning, and then took F & I to brunch in Santa Monica, a nice little walk around the grounds of Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship, and some yummy gelato. We spent most of the time talking about teaching and about F's dream of opening a studio in his native country, and us coming to work for him. This yoga can take one anywhere!

F&I went to a movie on Saturday afternoon.
It's about some British retirees who retire to a place in India. It is not what they expected, but everything works out in the end. So charming, and made me miss India so much!

The best part about this week was our Thursday and Friday guest lecturer, Jon Burras .http://www.jonburras.com/bio.html
He spoke to us about Fascia, the connective tissue that wraps around everything in the body, and had lots of cool toys and visuals. He told us of how we store emotions and traumas in the body (if we don't express it then the body holds onto it and puts it somewhere in our tissues. It can manifest as pain.), and how the yoga can bring it up. He talked about a lot of other things as well, some of which are: how fit is not necessarily healthy, and how our language of sport has become the language of war, how he believes technology is killing us, how flat feet are better for us, and how children should sleep with their parents. This last one kind of inflamed people. It was exciting to see how people get all riled up by him. I guess it happens at every Training (he's been teaching at Training for 13 years!), and he watches the crowd to see how much he can get away with. After being in India, and seeing how my 14yr old niece and 10yr old nephew still sleep in their parents' bed, and how close they are to the family, and how they are not sullen bratty kids like most American kids, I think that somehow the West got it all wrong. Separation from the beginning only leads to separation in the end.

Actually, I agreed with every word this man said. Every word. And it inspired and and made me feel like I was supposed to be at Training just to know about this man. I bought his book, and I am eating up all his online articles. Finally! One thing at Training that put a smile on my face!

So, here we go. Week 7 is under way. We are on the second to last posture, and I am wondering what is in store when we finish. Probably more late night movies! Haven't see Bikram very much this Training, and we only saw Rajashree 3 times. Strange...

I just want to throw a thank you out to a staff member, Jake. He took the time to ask me how I was doing, and told me of his own struggles when he was at Training. His kindness helped me get through the week. Most of the staff stick to each other and don't really bother with us except to tell us what to do, but Jake goes out of his way to friend everyone and give pep talks when needed. If I ever come back to Training to help out, I will remember his kindness and pass it on. It helps immensely when a staff member notices you and cares to ask how you are holding up. In this sea of 420 other needy yogis, it is easy to feel lost and adrift. Just knowing that one staff member knows my name and how I have struggled, makes me want to hang on and try a little harder. If he could do it, then I can do it.

Only 3 more weeks......


  1. :-) I'm pleased to read you are feeling a little lighter & brighter. BALWAN!!!!! Everyone loves him. At my TT he got the BIGGEST cheer too when he taught. I think we made him super nervous as he had a few slips ups too which was great for us to see - everyone is human, we all make mistakes in dialogue, no biggie! I also loved best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie, reminded me fondly of India too. 2.5 to go!!!!

  2. Hi there!
    I've sought out your Blog as I'm thinking of doing the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training next year and just wanted to send some support and tell u I'm loving your weekly writings. Your trials and tribulations are reminding me do 4 wks I spent at an Ashram in West Bengal, India in 2008. It's the Indian way (in my experience) hardship beyond belief, Seva or just plain hard work is the quickest road to enlightenment, or so they say. It was a labour camp with 3am really mornings to help chop vegetables in the kitchen which I hated at the time. We also had the ego maniac heads in our dormitory who slept in a comfortable bed while we lay on ratan mats on the hard concrete floors. Now 4 yrs later I still remember but more fondly, the experience has made me stronger, which I've no doubt you will experience three fold. They know what their doing. :) I'm looking forward o seeing ow wk 7 goes. I'm sending you lots of sleep hours!