Monday, May 7, 2012

BYTT- Week 3

Sheer carnage.

That is what one person called our Saturday morning class. Saturday morning is our last class before we are free until Monday morning. I think they tried to kill us, to make us afraid for what is to come! I struggled from Tree pose onward. In fact, I did one set of two different postures for the entire floor series. Mostly I just laid on the mat, trying to slow down my breath and trying not to be jealous of all the people leaving the room. (In my opinion, leaving the room is not an option, so you find ways to soothe yourself and bring your crazy mind under control without the relief of running away. It helps with self control, willpower and determination.) My face was tingling, I wanted to puke, I wanted to curl in a ball and cry my eyes out. And after class, my hands were swollen! I think I need to work on more hydration and my electrolyte intake.

But we made it, we survived, and we are that much stronger for it! I need classes like that to remind me what it is like for beginners, as I have been doing this yoga for so long, most classes are easy, breezy for me. We have to remember, so we can find the compassion for the struggling.

This week was easy. I say that because Bikram is gone, so we have been able to go to bed by midnight every night. Enough sleep really does make a difference. I need at least 6 hours to function optimally. We have one more week without Bikram, so sleeping will be my main thing this week! Next week, I have a feeling that the shit will hit the fan!

The pace has been ramped up! After two weeks of watching 420+ people do half moon, I think we got a bit lazy. Posture clinics started this week, and they split us up into groups of about 20, and we are paired with another group and we have to say the postures in front of 3 demonstrators and visiting teachers, who are all staring at you, listening for your mistakes, and telling you what you need to work on. (It is horrible! I have NEVER been comfortable with more than 2 people looking at me, and now there is 40+ and my mind goes blank, and I am sweaty and so uncomfortable! Ugh.) We ended up doing 3 postures this week and I think people were caught off guard. Now you can't go anywhere in this hotel without seeing groups of people with the dialogue in their hands, frantically mumbling to themselves, or reciting to others. I have found a study buddy who I really enjoy and that has helped me immensely. (Thank you AGD!)

We started Anatomy this week as well. There is no pressure there for me as I have already studied Anatomy twice in my other professions, so I am focusing more on the dialogue. Although, the Anatomy teacher is the funniest man ever and who makes anything worth listening to. He is an ER doctor in Vegas, and also a massage therapist, and he used to be a cheerleader! He is so so enjoyable. What a treat to have him after Bikram's long winded lectures!

The friends I am making here are fabulous! There are some fantastic people here and I am already planning trips to visit them. This journey is so intense, that you just cant help but be bonded for life! I am loving my Sunday morning breakfast buddies, my gang that I sit with in lectures, and random people I meet while on the shuttle for grocery shopping trips. The Facebook group page has been a really fun way to plan things, invite people, or just have someone to share your misery with.

I just want to leave you with an idea of the schedule here, so you understand why it is so grueling.

8am- Sign in for class

8.30-10.25ish- 90min Bikram yoga class plus about 25 min to lay on my mat after and catch my breath!

10.30-12noon- Shower, Eat, Study (or jump in the pool for a refreshing cool down)

12noon- Sign in for Lecture or Posture clinics

12.30-415ish- Lecture or posture clinic

4.15-4.30pm- Run upstairs, change into yoga clothes, fill your water bottles, get down to the yoga room

4.30pm- Sign in for class

5pm-7ish- 90min Bikram yoga class plus time for the teacher who goes over (Bikram!) and to lay on my mat in my puddle of sweat after...

7-8.30 or 9pm- Shower, Eat, Study

9 or 9.30- Sign in for Lecture or Posure clinic

9/9.30- 12midnight, 1.30am, 3.30am! -Lecture, Posture clinic, Bollywood movie!

So you see why I can't call you or do anything during the week! We are like zombies, just being told what to do and doing it without a choice. Go, go go! It is funny, because on Saturday, when I finally get some free time, I struggle a bit with what to do as having an option is so weird by that point! :) But, then I am frantically trying to get laundry done, and grocery shop for the week, and study, and get out of the hotel for a bit! Such a strange ride this is.

Knees are holding up. I had some bad days, and then some really good days. I am trying to just trust the process. It is what it is, no use bitching and moaning about it. ;)

Off to sweat now! Bye!


  1. Ah those carnage classes. Stay strong. I too did not give myself the option of leaving the room, I struggled through (only left once for medical emergency). Looking back now, at least 3 classes I should have left, freshened up & gone back in the room & did some postures instead of laying out the whole floor bar one or two half assed goes. Then again, I was working on my determination & will power not to leave and get my mind under control by staying. Swings % roundabouts.

    Try Uncle Bills Pancake house in Manhattan Beach for brekky, so GOOD! Light & yoga joy to you :-)

  2. LOL! I have already eaten at Uncle Bill's the past two Sunday's! It's amazing! :)