Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am going back to my island!!!! Yay!!!!

After the 2 months in India, I stayed on the mainland, doing all kinds of road trips, reunions, and continuing education in the Pacific Northwest, and it is way too cold!!!! I was trying to stay here until September or so, but I can't handle the weather anymore!!!

So it is time to go home, get a job, (or my old job back), a place to live, and start the immigration process for my sweet husband. It has been very nice spending some time with his aunt and uncle who own the best Indian restaurant I have ever eaten at, and I have been very blessed that they have fed me and made me feel welcome, especially as I have been jobless for almost 5 months and am broke, broke, broke!!!

I tried so hard to catch up with old friends and their new babies, but there are still a lot of people that I didn't get to see. Please don't hate me if I didn't get to catch up!!! I spent a lot of time out of town, and it was hard to work around everyone's schedule.

It was fun skyping Husband while I was with old friends so they could "meet" each other, and now Husband has faces to put with the names.

My favorite part of this summer was all of the time on the road. Living on an island doesn't allow for long, unknown car journeys, and I tried my best to always take roads I haven't been on before. (Kind of like I am living my life right now!!!) The exploring and discovering and conquering has made me feel like myself again- the girl I was before I impulsively married and dropped everything to live in India. Sometimes I amaze even myself. :)

So, now I am going home. Back to paradise. Back to my wonderful job, my fantastic yoga and my favorite bar. I cannot wait to see all of my island friends and hear about what they have been doing the last four and a half months!