Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Limbo

 My life is in limbo at the moment.

  I am a bit depressed as I realized that I don't make enough to sponsor my poor husband to come over here. So now what? How do you ask someone to sponsor your immigrant husband that they have never met?

Maybe I should just go live in India? Or try to work two or three jobs so that next year, I might qualify to sponsor him? How can I go another year without seeing him?

  I am homeless, jobless, and uncertain of which direction to go. I can't go back to my island and get my job back, due to some family things, and continuing education stuff that I committed to do this summer, and I can't do my old job here until I get registered with the state which will take about six weeks, (they changed the law when I moved to the island, and I didn't know, or I could have registered before I spent two months in India!) and I can't just get a retail job because everyone wants you to work weekends, and I need weekends off to do all of the things I am here for.

Boy it is hard to explain this while trying to keep it anonymous!

A big thanks to all of my friends that are letting me couch surf and house sit. I really appreciate your help.

What's next? I am stuck....


  1. I'm not sure how helpful this will be for you but I've been in your position. Homeless, job isn't enough, then no job, etc. There are options that can meet your needs and be enough. You can't spend all the money you make, save some especially. You can take some of these jobs with you to India if you decide to live there while trying to save up for the visa, etc.

    Try this website for ideas as well.

    And check my blog post for unconventional jobs. I hope it helps some, if nothing else maybe it will give you ideas for where to look for something that does work for you.

  2. girl I know how you feel. Im in the same boat! Part time work...or the "under employed" what they call it these days,doesnt survice for the sponsoring of your husband.... I first tried for a fiance visa only for them to take my money and deny us. TO going to India to be w/ him and marrying him, now in limbo aswell with the K-3. I wish you the best of luck. What part of India , may I ask is he from?

  3. How crappy that you got denied! How did you meet him? Did you get to have a big Indian wedding? Where are you now? My man lives in Gujurat. Where is yours?

  4. I met my Mr thru a friend....he is from Madanapalle. No big wedding, unfortunatly my family could not be there, so went to the reistration office. It is crappy that we were denied....any way im back in the states paying a life sentence...well it seems like it anyway tell we see eachother again! What is your story dgd?