Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh how I miss my husband...

After months and months of reading about the whole visa/greencard process, I think I am ready to tackle this on my own. No lawyer needed here! I have all of the paperwork done to start, now I just need some money. I need a job!!!
In the meantime, we just skype every day, morning and night, and I entertain myself by reading blogs by other girls with Indian men, and searching the library for books by Indian authors. And every other day, I go eat at my husband's Uncle's restaurant here and they feed me and chat with me about husband, family and India. I am blessed...
 I am planning on documenting the whole visa process here, mostly for others who will be going through the same situation. There is an overwhelming amount of info online, and I think I can keep it simple and easy to understand. But the website visajourney is the one I have turned to the most. They have example forms if you need help filling them out, timelines, forums, step-by-step guides, and checklists.
Good luck to me! ;)

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