Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BYTT Week 8

Week 8 was good.

They got the heat fixed and the first few classes were killer!

It seemed like an easy week. No late nights. Everyone seemed to be focused on the coming weekend, which were the International Yoga Championships.

Thursday we had a pizza/dance party and that was a lot of fun. No lecture! Getting to see everyone in their finest clothes, and having a good time was priceless. Lots of photos were taken, and it was a pleasure to see the staff having a good time as well. The DJ was Bikram's son, Anurag.

Friday night's class was packed. Because of the competition, there were hundreds more people in the hot room. It was a great class, Bikram was funny and shocking, in good form, and after class he announced that we wouldn't be having lecture as they needed to take all the lecture chairs and set them up in the ballroom for the competition. However, he would be having an optional movie later if anyone wanted to join him.

I went to dinner with my two best dudes L & J. Ribs, potatoes, mac and cheese, cornbread, mmmmm...
When we got back, we checked out the movie situation, that was supposed to start at 9, but it being Indian Time, was no where near starting and it was already 10. I was about to head up to bed when a girl invited me to her room to watch a movie with a couple of other girls. So nice to hang out with girls!

All week, I started saving myself 2 seats in lecture and then offering one to a late comer that looked interesting. So I met a few more nice people, and one of them ended up being someone I have been hanging out with pretty regularly this week. She is from Texas and her and her little crew are quite girly, but I enjoy their company. They do a lot of laughing, and most importantly, they enjoy my company as well. It is so nice to be regularly invited to do things! We spent Saturday having a late breakfast (with lots of flirting with the staff!) and some shopping, and a little Hermosa beach time, and dinner at an Indian place. They are definitely people that I want to stay in touch with.

Saturday and Sunday for the competition, there were tons of vendors here and it was such a delight to see all the different brands of hot yoga clothes! I had no idea so many existed. There were lots I had never heard of, and some that I had heard of and it was fun to check it all out. The bathroom was full of girls trying stuff on and complimenting each other on things, and asking, "Where did you get that?!". There is no shyness amongst us Trainees anymore.

The competition was nice. I saw the Men on Sunday. The best part about it all was the MC was Craig Villani!! He used to run Teacher Training and he is one of the best teachers in the world. I had a posture clinic with him on my island a few years ago, and I learned more in his class than I have in the last 3 years. He is a wealth of knowledge and is super passionate about the yoga. He now runs a yoga retreat in the south of France, and my next goal is to attend that! I went up and chatted with him for a bit. Such a nice, wonderful, amazing man. The highlight of my weekend for sure!

I am so looking forward to moving on from here. I have no idea where I am going next. And the more I think about it, the more it stresses me out. So I will just stay safely in the yoga bubble, and not let the outside intrude until Sunday the 17th when I have to check out of this hotel and go.... somewhere.... :)


  1. Such joy to read this, I am so happy for you that you are having fun and had a great weekend. It's never too late to make new friends. Good luck for you LAST TWO DAYS AT TT!!!! You did it. All the best for the next step.

    "Life is an empty canvas, throw some paint on it!"

    (I'm planning on hitting France end of the yr, just waiting for the bookings to open!!!)

  2. Congratulations!! Hope you keep us posted on your career!!

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