Monday, November 7, 2011

Still waiting..................................

.............for the NOA 2. That is the notice that the USCIS has accepted my petition, and will be sending it along to the National Visa Center for the next steps. This part can take up to 3 months, so hold your horses, peeps, my man won't be here anytime soon.

In the meantime, it sucks, sucks, sucks, to be so far from him and have no more plans to visit in the immediate future. If anyone would like to buy me a plane ticket to Mumbai for Christmas, I would accept with with gratefulness, and love you forever! ;)

I am just busy trying to get back into my life catch up from all the time off I took. Working hard, and enjoying my island. I am doing a Bikram yoga 60 day challenge, and I feel amazing! (Day #37 today if you are curious.) I read the yoga Teacher Training blogs obsessively because I want to become a teacher and teach in India someday. How fun would it be to teach this yoga that I have been obsessed with for 10 years(!) in the place where yoga came from! And what if John Abraham came to take my class, and decided that I am his favorite teacher and offers to take me to his next movie premiere and.... Oops! Did I get lost in lala-land?  :)

John Abraham!

Anyhoo, just a quick update. I need to sleep now... Goodnight all...


  1. Ahhh...long distance!
    Good idea about Bikram yoga 60 day challenge. I might pick it up again. I used to do it a lot. Good luck with everything.

  2. yes....John would get lost in lala-land too! lol! best of luck, I just sent my I-130 Petition out on Thursday!!!

  3. I've found this site useful to compare what others in the same timeframe are experiencing, wrt I-130 and other visa related status.

    ~ Krishanu