Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Oh the heat here!!!

 I was warned.

 People, I spent every summer in west Texas, but I don't think the heat was quite like it is here in India. I wake up in the morning full of energy and plans (we sleep with the AC on), but by noon I am sprawled on the bed with my skirt pulled up as far as it can be while still being a somewhat proper Indian wife, zapped of any desire to move. (But I have to move to turn over every once in a while because the parts of the body touching the bed soon become drenched with sweat.) Even a trip to the bathroom takes much gathering of resources and droopy shuffling, with a huge sigh of relief when I return to plop back down. I don't even towel off after showers anymore, because those precious few moments before the drops of water evaporate are pure bliss. I now take two showers a day, sometimes three! Oh my lord.

 And it is only going to get hotter.


  1. Oh it will definitely get much worse, it's only April now, just wait. :-(

    Do you wear lawn suits? They are really best for the summer, very light. Also I don't know how it works over there, but here in Karachi each house has its own water tank on the roof so in the summer the showers get hot. We keep a big bucket in the bathroom and fill it up so that it is cooler than the water that comes from the roof, and use that for baths. I also don't bother with toweling off, the first hit from the fan when you come out of the bathroom and you are still damp is very refreshing.

  2. Lol! The water IS warm and I have been wondering why! So I went up to the roof, and, lo and behold, there is a tank up there. Mystery solved! Thanks. :)