Friday, March 18, 2011

Bored Housewife..

 I am not someone who stays home all day. When I have a day off of work, still I am going to yoga, going to the beach, library, Coolers, B&N, out riding my bike. I never stay home all day.
 But this is what we do here. We have a daily routine that never changes. I am a very bad housewife! I am restless and dying a little inside! :)
 It is not easy to just jump in the kitchen and learn to cook. Like I've said, I don't cook at home, so it is not any easier being in a foreign country, and I hate being in the kitchen. My MIL doesn't speak English, so I cant ask questions or have her explain things.
 So, I have been avoiding the kitchen. I do a lot of reading, alternating between Husband's room upstairs (nice and quiet), and the main room downstairs (lots of people and animals out and about, and loud Hindi television). I write, I get on the internet, and when my niece is home, play cards and answer endless questions.
 The other night I begged Husband to take me on a motorbike ride, and last night he took me for a walk down to the train station. (Good Indian wives don't go roaming on their own.)
Luckily, I have an American friend in a city 3 hours north of here, and I have warned her that I will be coming up to visit soon, and maybe a lot more, maybe every weekend!
My favorite time of day is right before sunset, when everyone is up from their siestas and the neighborhood kids are playing out front. They play cricket a lot, and hide and seek. Some ride little bikes, and some just wander by to stare at the white girl. Their bright white smiles kill me! The niece, SIL, and MIL, have been sitting out there with me, and that makes the neighborhood ladies wander by to chat and let us coo at their babies. Ohmylord, I have never been so frickin feminine in my life.
 I might go crazy. ;)


  1. Oh, yes. The "what? You want to go out? Is sitting around in my house doing nothing not good enough for you?" syndrome. I only recently learned that I'm not the only one subject to it. As Lucky Fatima put it: "What? World Heritage Sites? Why would we want to deal with the traffic to go see those?" Even when my MIL (non-English speaking) comes to the US, she doesn't want to go out either. She sits in front of the TV and watches DVDs of soap operas she's already seen. Good fun.

    I look at India trips as a opportunity to read as much as I can. We fill half our luggage with books and then donate them when we leave. Even then, we have to buy more while we are there as we finish everything we brought with us. So, I have solutions, other than saying that I understand. Happy reading to you!

  2. You know exactly what I am feeling! Awesome. Last time I was here for 5 weeks, and bought 25 books. Already this trip, (3wks so far) I have read 9 books and 10 magazines. He warned me that I would be bored, and I told him that I was looking forward to the reading time. It IS nice, but man, it also drains... :) Where do you donate? I left some here last time, the ones I didnt want, and they oh so nicely saved them for me. :)